Bipolar Cyclothymia Centered and meditative living: Rumi Poems ll

Luck is the one who takes the moon hostage.

I was blindly searching for His hand while all the while He was holding mine.

O moon, I have become famous because of you.

Opent the door to your blessings.

Go in the direction where there is no direction.

Don’t lower yourself
dont knock on every dooor
You yourself are what you are looking for
Don’t say I can’t
Say you can, “just do it”.

Do you smell a loaf of bread?
Go to that smell.

Salvation comes when you give in.

How do you get the juice without crushing it?

Work, keep digging
Submit to daily practice
Keep on knocking and the joy inside you
will eventuall open a window
and look out to see who is there

 When the ocean comes to you as a lover, marry it at once.
Don’t postpone it.

To find my way there i need to let go of my knwoing

When my soul soared
to that blesseed sphere
I was free of the tyranny of why and how
at last the thousand veils lifted
and I could behold the hidden secret.

The intellect says don’t take anotehr
stop toweard annihalation
its nothing but throns
Love says that the thorns are withing you
Be silent and pull the thorns of living out
of the foot of the heart
until you can see in your inside that field of flowers

Last night
I finally set my intelledt free
severed the dependenc
when my heart saw that
it took wings and flew

Now go, find your own Sun

Oh soul
you worry too much
you have seen your own strenght
you have seen your own beauty
you have seen your on golden wings
anything less
why do you worry
you are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul

When the ocean finaly comes to you as a lover

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