Orphaned Baby Rhino Loves To Run With Her Rescuers (VIDEO)

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
Orphaned Baby Rhino Loves To Run With Her Rescuers (VIDEO)
In South Africa, poachers left a white rhino named Shangi orphaned with a bullet in her head. Luckily, wildlife veterinarian Cobus Raath and his team were there to rescue her.

After tending to Shangi’s wound, the veterinarians were sure to keep nurturing the calf’s growth by taking her out for some much-needed exercise. Watch as she happily trots along her caretakers and then cools off with a nice mud bath. It’s pretty adorable.

When Shangi grows up, she could weigh more than 3,500 pounds, but still reach speeds up to 25 mph.

Due to poaching, the white rhino is endangered, but you can learn more about protecting these majestic animals here.

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